At Platinum Design Agency, We’re a digital agency based in Los Angeles, CA with a team of creatively-led individuals, each with a passion to craft memorable experiences for you and your audience.

We Provide the best customer results possible and deliver the WOW factor through our services. Our mission, vision and values guide our everyday actions as individuals and as a company.

What was curiosity for the great digital unknown turned into passion to learn, build and bring others on the journey with us.

Passion is not what will help us “master” the art of web development. … Discipline is what let’s us practice the art of web development on a regular basis so we can evolve and grow over time.

Platinum Design Agency’s teams have since grown into a diverse group of digital experts, each with a passion and an expertise his or her own but all with a vision that puts our clients first by expertly crafting bolder, bigger and more memorable experiences. We believe thinking differently allows us to inspire those around us, with a no-bullshit approach to everything we do and say.


Creativity. Trust. Honest

It’s in our DNA and it’s at the center of everything we do.

Forging long and lasting relationships is the most important thing.

We work and speak in a way that is honest and easy to understand.



To help digital transformation of 100,000 businesses and help them adapt to digital marketing and sales strategies by 2030.



Reach 10,000 small business and help them adopt digital marketing and sales strategies in their business by 2025.